2015 NAEA Back-to-School Virtual Conference: Learning and Leading in a Visual Age


Gain fresh lesson ideas and inspiration for a vibrant new school year—all from the convenience of your computer or tablet!

Broadcast live from the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, on September 26, 2015 from 11am - 4 pm ET, the 2015 NAEA Back-To-School Virtual Conference is your direct connection to professional learning and creative professionals! Explore Learning and Leading in a Visual Age with Maria Fabrizio, Illustrator and Communications Designer, Wordless News; and D'Wayne Edwards, founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy. Take the insight shared by the artists even further when educators from DC schools and museums share lessons and classroom experiences inspired by the work of the keynote speakers. Interact in real-time with presenters, as well as art education professionals around the world who are engaging in the NAEA Virtual Conference experience!

THEME: Thinking About Learning and Leading in a Visual Age
Every day, American young people spend more than four hours watching television, DVDs or videos; one hour using a computer; and 49 minutes playing video games. Although many digital tools rely on sound and text, most disseminate images, and youths who spend a third of their waking hours in front of a screen are saturated with images. How can we lead our schools and communities to support visual arts education, as an essential content area, integrating the arts into all areas of learning to ensure that young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in this visual age? Now is the time to lead the conversation supporting art education for all students!


chuLearning and Leading in a Visual Age
Jane Chu, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts

Jane Chu will set the tone for the Virtual Conference with her welcoming statements regarding the importance of Learning and Leading in a Visual Age.

Journaling in a Visual Age
Eric Scott, Journal Fodder Junkies
Have your sketchbook and supplies ready for a live journaling mini-workshop and journaling throughout the virtual conference with Eric Scott of the renowned Journal Fodder Junkies.

Cultivating Creativity
Maria Fabrizio, Illustrator, Communications Designer, Author
DC Art Educators

Learn from Maria Fabrizio about her creative process and innovation as the creator of the acclaimed “Wordless News" and author of the new book, Cultivating Creativity: Daily Rituals for Inspiration. Then, go inside the classrooms of Elementary, Middle Level, and High School art educators who have created lessons based on Maria's work. Finally, be part of a conversation with Maria and participating art educators. Plus, access the lessons featured in this segment through the NAEA Arts Standards Toolbox App!

Spaces and Places: The Art Room as a Studio for Learning and Leading
James Rees, Art Educator, Provo High School, Provo Utah

How does the design of your teaching space impact the learning and creativity that happens there? What do art classes across the country look like? What are some tips and tricks for making your teaching space (whether it's a classroom, a cart, or a museum) the most effective? Join this discussion by virtually sharing your teaching space and exploring your colleagues' classrooms.

Organizing for Optimal Learning: Art Standards Toolbox App
Dennis Inhulsen, NAEA Chief Learning Officer
Take a moment to see how the NEW NAEA Arts Standards Toolbox can help organize your Standards-based lessons at the touch of a finger. Also, learn how you can access pre-loaded lessons from the Virtual Conference and more!

Student Achievement Through Design
D'Wayne Edwards, Footwear Designer, Founder of Pensole Footwear Academy
Hear D'Wayne Edwards' story of success that began with nothing but a number two pencil and grew beyond a career as a footwear designer for Nike to paving the way for youth from all walks of life to become designers themselves. Participate in a group discussion with D'Wayne, art educators who teach design in their classrooms, and students who are studying design in their schools.

Plus more to come!
Video shorts, facilitated journaling breaks, polls, and more will be part of this 5-hour program! Check back here for updated information. Schedule and programming are subject to change.

Certificate of Participation
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To earn university credit, you must accrue your 15 hours of NAEA learning within the same twelve-month period. Then submit your NAEA Virtual Art Educators record of participation (all 15 hours) to the Center for Regional and Continuing Education at CSU, Chico along with the required application fee and enroll in EDUC 831A.

You will be able to also earn 1 unit of university credit for attending and participating in the 2016 NAEA National Convention in Chicago. You will be able to enroll in this course, EDUC 812B, next spring.

2015 fall and 2016 spring fees are $60. Additional details will be posted soon.


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Certificate of Participation
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6.00 Credit Hours  |  Certificate available California State University, Chico Credit: 15 hours = 1 unit university credit