Drawing a Line From Your Life to Your Art: Get creative and collaborative with 31 Nights and tet[R]ad: Draw & Play!


Drawing a Line From Your Life to Your Art: Get creative and collaborative with 31 Nights and tet[R]ad: Draw & Play!
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 | 7-8 pm ET
FREE for NAEA Members; $49 for non-members

"Making it" as an artist or simply making our own art is something many of us want to do. And, in our field, we most likely want to do this while simultaneously having a meaningful career as an art educator. Did you know that you already hold the key to making this happen? It's your story!
Learn innovative approaches to help you tell your story through your own work as an artist while embarking on some truly magical and collaborative projects with your students.

This webinar begins with an introduction to Michael Bell's worldwide movement called 31 Nights. This project will not only ignite passion in you and your students, but it can literally unlock the doors to your own artmaking process. Find your signature style and authentic voice in your artwork and your teaching.

Additionally, you'll explore another global project, tet[R]ad: Draw & Play. This international artmaking exchange project is envisioned and developed by longtime makers of creative mischief and innovative mayhem, David R. Modler and Samuel H. Peck. The ultimate goal of this ongoing project is to foster Personal Learning Networks through one-to-one visual journal/diary collaborations. tet[R]ad includes teachers, students, and artists, as well as others from the broader community. Participants openly and playfully share their drawings, writings, collages, opinions, and experiences as they make connections through collaboration and dialogue with artistic accomplices.

Become part of the cultivation of these creative communities while fostering your own creativity as an artist and educator—making global connections in the process! All are welcome!

Michael Bell

Artist and Educator

Michael Bell is an artist and educator who has played a vital role in pioneering the Visual Journaling movement by giving related TED talks, workshops, and keynotes across the country. He has been nationally recognized with honors that include the Los Angeles Good Shepherd Domestic Violence Shelter Community Service Award, the College Board's William U. Harris Award of Excellence, the National Art Honor Society Outstanding Sponsor Award, and the Washington Post Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award. Bell is also a seven-time NAEA National Rising Star award-winning Art Educator (2010–2016) and a three-time Scholastic Art National Medalist Educator (2014–2016). Bell is also a working artist, father, boxing enthusiast, and anti-bullying and autism activist.

Samuel H. Peck

Artist, Researcher, and Art Educator

Samuel H. Peck is an artist, researcher, and art educator originally from Providence, Rhode Island with over ten years of art teaching experience at the K-12 and university levels. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Rhode Island and his Master of Studio Art in Printmaking and Drawing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Peck is an internationally recognized expert in the field of visual journals, having spoken, presented, and exhibited at state, national, and international institutions and conferences. The subject matter of Peck’s visual journal, drawing, and printmaking practice occupies and explores the conceptual, expressive, and contextual concerns of his workshops, lectures, and presentations. Peck currently works at Southern High School in Harwood, Maryland as a resident artist, art educator, and researcher. Starting in fall 2017, he will begin work as a candidate for a Ph.D. in Art Education from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota.

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