Lesson Plan: Fiber Mesh Mash [Presented by Blick Art Materials]

Fiber craft is perhaps the oldest art form there is, and, for a great deal of history, it has been synonymous with women's work. The women's movement of the mid-20th century helped bring a revolution in fiber as artists such as Sheila Hicks, Lenore Tawney, and Magdalena Abakanowicz experimented with highly dimensional and large-scale forms, abstraction, environmental art, and figurative sculpture.

“Fiber” is a blanket term for a large variety of natural and synthetic materials including cotton, wool, synthetic cords, twine, thread, raffia, silk, fur, wire, and, of course, yarn. Beyond weaving, fiber art is created through knotting, coiling, pleating, lacing, crocheting, braiding, felting, quilting, casting, and many other innovative techniques.

As an open-ended introduction to fiber art, this lesson provides students with a means to create a dimensional base structure. Once this substrate is in place, students follow their own path of exploration and experimentation, discovering the many ways fibers can communicate color, texture, and form.

**GRADES 3-12** Note: Instructions and materials are based upon a class size of 24 students. Adjust as needed.

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