NAEA Interest Groups Roundtable​


NAEA Interest Groups Roundtable
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | 7-8 pm ET
FREE for NAEA Members; $49 for non-members 

NAEA has 20 Interest Groups focusing on specific areas within visual arts education. Learn more about NAEA Interest Groups while gaining an in depth view of three of these professional groups: Choice-Art Educators, Independent School Art Education Interest Group, and Women's Caucus. 

Choice-Art Educators (CAE) - Established 2016

Purpose: To expand public awareness of choice-based art education and to provide a network for art educators who wish to share their interests in or learn more about teaching art with choice. The organization will encourage professional relationships and provide for an informal, yet focused, exchange of ideas about how to teach through centers, choice, and student-directed learning.

Choice-Art Educators seek to develop the artistic thinking of their students, through centers and choices; encouraging them and teaching them to come up with their own ideas for artmaking. This approach facilitates differentiation, which easily meets the needs of a variety of types of learners.

The Choice-Art Educators group seeks to promote and support choice-based and learner-directed art education in public and private education settings. It also seeks to bring those interested in this methodology together to not only learn from and discuss each other’s work, but also. the work of those in related fields.

Independent School Art Education (ISAE) - Established 2008

Purpose: The purposes of the Independent School Art Education special interest group shall be to encourage active involvement of independent school art educators by:

  1. Promoting sound methods and philosophies of art education.
  2. Providing opportunities for development of relationships among independent school educators within each state and as a nation.
  3. Creating professional development opportunities specifically for independent school art educators.
  4. Encouraging participation in state and national art education conferences.
  5. Supporting strong working relationships between art teachers and administrators within each school.
  6. Promoting and facilitating lesson sharing, curriculum discussions, and group study of the problems that confront those involved in arts education in independent schools.
  7. Educating our members on job negotiation and job security.
  8. Creating positive relationships among independent school art educators through networking and regional conferences designed specifically for independent schools.
  9. Developing the leadership potential of each independent school art instructor to better advocate for the arts in his or her community.
  10. Educating teachers on marketing the arts to the school community.
  11. Maintaining regional and national contacts with other groups of arts educators and organizations whose objectives coincide with those in NAEA.
  12. Securing cooperation of legislative, state, county officials, administrators, and foundations in establishing conditions that shall render the efforts of arts educators more effective.
  13. Circulating information and keeping members informed of the significant developments in the field of arts education.
  14. Adhering to a policy that does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

Women’s Caucus (WC) - Established 1976

Purpose: To represent and work to advance art education as an advocate of equity for women and all people who encounter injustice, and to work to eliminate discriminatory gender and other stereotyping practices for individuals and groups, and for the concerns of women art educators and artists.

Anne Bedrick

K-4 Choice-Art Educator and Author

Anne is a K-4 choice-art educator and the author of Choice Without Chaos, an interactive e-book with movies of her classroom in action. Anne has presented on the value of student-directed learning at national, state, and local conferences, often as keynote. Anne began her teaching career as a classroom teacher and transitioned to teaching art in 1998 when she taught adult evening and weekend classes. In 2003 she began to teach art in public school. Anne has always been interested in constructivist and student-centered learning, incorporating those ideals into her teaching whenever possible. In early 2008, Anne discovered the teaching for artistic behavior group and began to research choice practices. Anne has been teaching with choice at a private school in Rye, NY, for the past nine years.

Anne is Co-President of the new NAEA Choice-Art Educators Interest Group. 

Rebecca Stone-Danahy

Art Educator and Fine Arts Administrator

Rebecca Stone-Danahy has worked in four independent schools serving in a range of positions from teacher to fine arts administrator. She has served as an adjunct faculty member and Instructional Leader for the North Carolina Virtual Public Schools, and to date, Rebecca has co-written nine online courses and authored several more independently. As a result of her work in independent schools and distance education, Rebecca was named a 2011 National Association of Independent Schools Teacher of the Future. She is the current President and founder of the NAEA Independent School Art Education Interest Group and Editor of NAEA Advisory. She also organizes, executes, and moderates monthly webinars for NAEA.

Cynthia Ann Bickley-Green, PhD

Coordinator of Art Education, School of Art and Design

Cynthia Bickley-Green is the Co-President-Elect of the NAEA Women’s Caucus. She was a member of the Steering Committee for the first National Conference for Women in the Visual Arts in 1972, held at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the University of Maryland. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Art from the University of Georgia. She has taught in Pre-K through university level art schools.

Bickley-Green has received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, The North Carolina Arts Council, The Eisenhower Math and Science State Grant Program, and the NC Space Consortium. Her current paintings explore aftereffects in representational and abstract imagery. Kendall Hunt published her book Art Elements: Biological, Global, and Interdisciplinary Foundations in 2011. Her research and publications demonstrate how art transmits interdisciplinary knowledge.

Bickley-Green has published more than 44 scholarly articles and 121 art reviews, and exhibited her artwork in more than 120 international, national, and regional shows. She has made 130 presentations about her research in cities across the United States and nine other countries.

Currently, she is the Coordinator of Art Education in the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University in North Carolina. Recently, she participated in an Artist’s Residency at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. Her paintings were exhibited in the X Florence Biennial.

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