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National Art Education Association (NAEA) is the leading professional membership organization exclusively for visual arts educators. NAEA Virtual Art Educators is a space for you to access premier professional learning opportunities from anywhere in the world. Choose from a growing number of live and archived webinars, sessions, workshops, and more to create your ideal experience. Be informed and inspired by colleagues, artists, and experts o­ffering programming that is 100% art education content that can be applied immediately to teaching and learning. Design your professional learning experience today!

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  • Mindfulness, Creativity, and Art Education

    Join Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, writer, artist, author, creative mindfulness teacher, and arts educator, as she leads an overview of mindfulness and related practices. Learn how to successfully apply these mindfulness techniques in your visual arts classroom.

  • Studio Habits: An Introduction to Studio Thinking

    Kick-start your back-to-school learning! This important webinar introduces Studio Thinking and the eight studio habits of mind, which describe the thinking skills and attitudes that help students learn to think authentically as artists. The Studio Thinking framework names what you already know happens in your art classroom, and grounds choice-based arts methods like TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). Learn to guide your students to make decisions about what engages and challenges them personally. Walk away with tools to support authentic teaching of Studio Thinking—the skills and attitudes that help students learn and develop the internal lenses needed to think as artists.

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