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May 2023

Reimagining Art Education Curriculum Through Learner-Centered Inquiry

Learner-centered art education recognizes the potential of art education as an entry point for culture and connection through the lived experiences of a learning community...

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April 2023

Unpacking Inquiry to Support Learners

What is inquiry? How do we encourage inquiry in our art rooms? Are inquiry and creativity connected? What does inquiry-based learning look like in the studio? Why is authentic inquiry important? Join us for answers to these and other questions as…

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March 2023

Building Inclusive Classroom Communities

Join us as we unpack the meaning and characteristics of an inclusive learning environment through art while uncovering a variety of pedagogical approaches and instructional strategies to build inclusive communities...

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December 2022

Pushing Boundaries: Nurturing Gifted and Talented Art Students

Join us as we explore nurturing gifted and talented students in Title I schools. Come away with curriculum examples, lessons addressing community-specific needs...

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January 2023 

Considering Mental Health Challenges in the Art Classroom

There are many therapeutic possibilities of artmaking with youth, and your art room can be a healthy space for this to happen...

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