1. What is the cost of these online events?

* Webinars & Archived Recordings: FREE for NAEA members: $49 per webinar for non-members
* NAEA National Convention Video Archives: FREE for NAEA members: $99 for non-members
* 2015 Virtual Conference Archive: $49 for NAEA members: $89 for non-members
* 2014 Virtual Conference Archive: FREE for NAEA members: $99 for non-members

2. How do I access live webinar events?

Once you complete your registration, please go to “ Dashboard" section, select the event, and click on “Enter Meeting" icon on the right of the webpage to view the presentation.

3. How do I access webinar recordings?

Once you complete your registration, please go to “ Dashboard" section, select the event, and click on “View Web Content On-Demand" icon on the right of the webpage to view the presentation.

4. How do I access the presentation resource material?

Please go to “ Dashboard" section, select the event, look under the event title and select "Handouts". Any materials supplied by the presenter(s) will be located here.

5. How do I obtain a transcript of my history?

To obtain a transcript of your NAEA Virtual Art Educators Education history, please go to “ Dashboard", click on the blue "Transcript" button (to the right of "My Dashboard"). Click on "Download as PDF".

6. How do I obtain a Certificate of Participation from the webinars I attended?

To obtain a Certificate of Participation, please visit “ Dashboard" and click on the title of the webinar you want to obtain a certificate for. On the right side, click on "Certificate of Participation" box and select "View/Print Your Certificate".

7. How do I obtain a record of participation for California State University, Chico credit?

* Go to the “PROFILE" tab and enter your address, click "Save"
* Then go to the “DASHBOARD" tab
* Click on “Transcript" (blue button directly under “My Dashboard" at top)
* Go to “Filter by type" and change it to “Credit Hour"
* Click “Download as PDF"

8. How do I cancel my registration or get a refund?

All purchases are non-refundable. Please contact NAEA if you have questions: 800-299-8321 or info@arteducators.org.

9. What are the system requirements for accessing a webinar?

To view Event Center events, you will need to login from a computer or laptop. Prior to a live event, you should test your web browser to ensure, system test. If you pass the test, you will see a "Congratulations" message. If you do not, you will be given instructions on what needs to up updated.

It is recommended that you use a high speed/broadband internet connect (WiFi is not recommended), a PC with Windows, and Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

10. Can I watch the live events on an iPad or iPhone?

Event Center events require Flash software. Flash is not supported on iPads or iPhones, however, you may download the MobileMe or Puffin app from the iTunes store which will allow you to view Flash products on Apple devices. You may need the Meeting ID # which can be found on the product page, under the "Content" tab (click on "Webinar" and look in the gray box).

11. How do I define my interests to ensure the most accurate recommendations are displayed under the “Recommended for You" section?

To define your interest areas, please visit " Profile" section.

12. What if I forgot my password? How do I reset my password?

To lookup or reset your password, please click here.

13. Who do I contact for Customer Support?

If you need assistance with registration, accessing an event you have purchased, or other customer service-related issues, please contact us at 800-299-8321 or info@arteducators.org during normal office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:15 am - 4:30 pm ET. For Event Day Support, please e-mail arteducators@commpartners.com.